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Since 1891, the East Valley Tribune has been “the voice of the people” in what is now Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler and Tempe. With a comprehensive circulation of more than 140,000 copies and more than 405,000 weekly readers, 85 percent of the Pulitzer Prize-winning newspapers are delivered directly to the driveways of East Valley families. An additional 15 percent are distributed at high-traffic locations and outlets. From in-depth news feature packages to business briefs and entertainment information, the Sunday Tribune chronicles the stories of the East Valley through the voices of its citizens, leaders and those involved in its vibrant community organizations. Throughout the week, news of the East Valley is updated in real time on its website, where more than 200,000 unique visitors use it as a resource each month.

Covering Ahwatukee village since 1978, the Ahwatukee Foothills News is now the area’s leading news source. Each Wednesday 28,000 copies of the AFN are circulated throughout the various Ahwatukee communities. The paper has become known for its local sports, business, recreation, school, government and community news, in addition to arts and entertainment features. It boasts an 89 percent local readership. Delivery is comprehensive throughout the local area, with 84 percent of papers delivered directly to the driveways of Ahwatukee households. Additionally, 16 percent are distributed at high-traffic locations and local businesses. Complementing the local paper is, posting regular updates on local sports, things to do, and breaking news to 49,000 unique monthly visitors, the majority of them current Ahwatukee residents.

The Southwest’s leading senior publication recently celebrated its 35th anniversary serving its dynamic readership – the 50+ market. Lovin’ Life After 50 has served the Phoenix metro area since 1979 and the Tucson area since 1984. Lovin’ Life After 50 is the No. 1 ranked free circulation publication in Arizona! We target the 50-plus demographic with stories and features focused on items of interest to this age group. Our extensive coverage of upcoming activities and events is well read by our audience. Advertisers love our large distribution numbers – 115,000 copies each month! Yet, by zoning, they can expose their message to just those areas where their businesses operate. Less wasted circulation means more effective advertising promotions. And the best part of it all is our delivery system. We deliver more than 50 percent of our copies directly to the home, through U.S. mail and carrier delivery.

The Entertainer! is an oversized gloss-covered publication and the Valley’s premier entertainment magazine. Within its pages readers find quality content on events happening all month long throughout the Phoenix metro area. The publication covers a diverse range of entertainment categories from restaurants and nightlife to arts and various events calendars, including one dedicated to families with children. The content of the Entertainer! is suitable for all ages, and does not accept advertising from industries not conforming to those standards. The Entertainer! can be found at more than 1,500 locations in entertainment districts throughout the Valley displayed in its signature white boxes. It is also widely accessed via online subscription each month by thousands of loyal readers with a desire to stay aware of all of the fun the Valley has to offer.

The Scottsdale Airpark News is a glossy magazine that has served as the business voice of the Scottsdale Airpark for more than 34 years. Founded as a newsletter to keep businesses in the thriving business park informed about current events and in touch with one another, the publication quickly became a vital source of information in one of Arizona’s fastest-growing business communities. Today, the tradition continues. The publication has grown into an award-winning magazine, with a circulation of 25,000 copies available at more than 1,500 locations throughout the Greater Airpark area. There are also an average of more than 4,000 readers who read the Scottsdale Airpark News online either via an online subscription or flip-book access at When it comes to the Scottsdale Aiprark, we’ve got it covered. We’ve been doing so proudly for more than three decades.

The SanTan Sun News is a complimentary publication, published the first and third Saturday of the month. Current circulation is 33,000 newspapers and the approximate readership is 70,000 at 2 readers per paper. The newspaper is distributed directly to 27,000 driveways with the remainder going to businesses, racks and boxes within our coverage area of Ocotillo and the surrounding Southern Chandler area which is between Price/101 east to Val Vista, and Pecos south to Hunt Highway. The SanTan Sun widely respected throughout the Phoenix metro area as being one of the best-read and quality community publications in all of Arizona. It has won numerous awards and has a strong reputation for its relentlessly local coverage.

Gilbert Sun News is a complimentary publication published on the 5th of each month, bringing local community news to the people and businesses in the thriving communities of Gilbert. The publication provides local coverage to residents on events and happenings in the immediate area including youth sports, a family focus, things to do, stories about area businesses, arts and music and other important community information about living and working in the Town of Gilbert.

College Times is Arizona’s leading online and print publication reaching the 18 to 34-year-old demographic throughout metro Phoenix. In circulation for more than 12 years, College Times has experienced tremendous growth since its launch, and has become the trusted source for entertainment news and information for this often difficult to reach demographic. Reaching the college market begins with a strategic and robust system of distribution. Careful studies of student reading habits and evaluation of our own feedback have given us the valuable information necessary to ensure College Times reaches our target audience. In addition to our pick-up rate remaining at over 90 percent, the publication is also circulated to the dorms via direct mail and to student housing surrounding area colleges. The publication also has a strong online digital presences where students can read stories in the publication’s online flip-book or on it’s website. College Times also has a robust social media presence where students check in to find what’s happening and to participate in a number of contests.

The Nearby News publications were started more than 18 years ago when people residing in the growing neighborhoods of the East Valley expressed the need for a local community publication. The idea for Nearby News was born. Today, Nearby News serves a total of nine communities in the East Valley, in North Scottsdale and in North Chandler. Each of these publications is circulated in its respective community by way primarily of direct mail to the homes. In addition to our direct-mail distribution, several thousand copies are placed at high-traffic locations throughout these thriving communities. Our loyal readers have come to expect the variety and valuable information contained within the Nearby News pages. Whether it’s recognizing a face of a friend in one of our issues or scanning the area events for the month ahead, Nearby News publications have become an excellent community resource for those residing in the areas we serve.

North Valley Magazine is a full-color, full-gloss bi-monthly publication providing content that celebrates the lifestyles of various communities within the North Valley. Our editorial focuses on living life to the fullest, showcasing the best of North Valley areas communicating important content to our readers. Each issue caters to our audience—our readers include active families, sophisticated young professionals, and active seniors who enjoy travel, home improvement, dining, fashion, and outdoor activities.

Our readers expect the very best, and we strive to deliver it to them with each and every issue we publish. Our stories include features of local importance and relevance—from people to places, dining to decorating—we keep our readers on top of what’s new and worthy of their attention. North Valley Magazine features business profiles, travel features, book reviews, health and fitness articles and stories that touch on issues that are directly related to the lives of our readers. Our goal is to provide our readers with up-to-date articles that not only entertain but also inform. We feature articles that showcase new products, companies and services, and our departments are consistent, entertaining and casual.