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The following has been transcribed from our Sound Off line during the past month. Sound Off is a monthly editorial feature of The Times. We encourage participation.

Submissions can be made via phone at 480-348-0343 (option 8) or make your submission on this Web site by emailing soundoff@timespublications.com.

Did you happen to see the photo of the cop who shot Michael Brown? The hospital photo, that is. His face is a mess and I read that his eye socket was crushed. All of this happened in his police car (front seat). This young man, I am told, was just a huge human being, and as mean as they come, with a record. Tell me, when does a cop stop being a cop and just a man fearing for his life? Were Michael’s hands up in the air to give up, or were they calling out to the cop, “Come and get some more.” We will probably never know the true story because no matter what the cop says, he will be wrong. I have a suggestion: Put black cops in black neighborhoods and see how many charges are filed against the cops then.—Jerry Kortas

Have you folks ever tried with The San Carlos Bay Restaurant or Tia Maria’s Rancho restaurant? Good eats at both. The San Carlos is as good as and, in some cases, better Mexican seafood than you can get in Mexico. Tia Maria’s started as Rosa’s on University and Mesa Drive by a Mormon missionary when he returned from his mission in Mexico. Still some of the best refried beans in the Valley. Well Rosa’s was sold and a new place much larger open up on McKellips in Mesa and so on. I would be interested in reading your opinions on these two.

I just wanted to let everyone know about some great service my husband and I received at the Quick N Clean Car Wash on Power Road, just north of University in Mesa. We were there a week or two ago and using the self-serve vacuums. I accidentally vacuumed up my daughter’s baby blanket, which is very, very special to her. I was devastated and thought it was gone for good. Fortunately two nice boys working there were willing to look through the tubes and tanks and were finally able to retrieve the blankie for us. It was something they definitely did not need to do, and it was so nice of them. Hope their boss happens to read this post because they showed themselves to be two great employees! Thank you!

I wish people could learn to say “No” when they really want to say “No” instead of being so wishy-washy and not wanting to hurt feelings because when you say “Yes” and don’t follow through that is worse than if you would have just said “No.” Like when you get invited to an event. If you don’t want to go just say you can’t make it instead of saying “Yes” and backing out at the last minute leaving people high and dry. People will respect an honest person better than a fake, Yes?

Legislative candidate Martha McSally portrays herself as a “fighter.” We don’t need a fighter in Congress. We need an arbitrator. Her claim to fame is winning the fight against requiring American service women to wear the traditional garb (Burka) while stationed in Saudi Arabia. I don’t see anything exceptionally unusual to that. I believe any normal secure American woman would have done the same, and won. I am a four-year former servicewoman, serving during time of war. I’m glad I never had to serve with Martha McSally. A vote for Ron Barber is a vote for a sincere individual who listens to both sides, and then makes decisions which he knows will best serve his constituents.—Gwen C. Niemi

The family of Thomas Duncan, the man who brought Ebola to our country and exposed hundreds of Americans to the fatal disease, are threatening to sue the hospital. What nerve they have! They should pay all the millions of dollars it costs to treat Duncan, who wasn’t even a citizen, and lied to get into the country because he knew he had carried a woman dying of Ebola. America needs to stop all people trying to come into our country from those West Africa areas where Ebola is raging.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein has stated, “All vets are mentally ill in some way and government should prevent them from owning firearms.” This is an insult to all veterans and she needs to make an apology!

If the hate and kill-only people of the world understood today’s memorials of more than 3,000-plus people they killed, they should understand why they will never rule the world or win or beat the people who do not hate. Life is about love. Love thy neighbor. They’ll win a happier life, too. They’re just too dumb to notice it.

In today’s world—anywhere in the world—cowards who will not fight for their own homeland do not deserve the benefits of others’ battle victories. Think about that Europe—and everywhere else in the east.

If the ISIL warriors think they are so much better than everyone else, and can go around and kill everybody and not be identified, that must be why they hide behind a mask or a beard. Cowards do that and they are all coward warriors.

Barack Hussein Obama is a curse on America. All those who voted for them should hang their heads in shame. They are responsible for the downfall of our beloved country.

The money movers give you a name to vote for. The Constitution gives you a choice to vote for someone else.

I am so sick and tired of this president lying to the American people. In his speech on ISIS, he emphasized ISIS are not Islamists. Well Mr. President, their name says that they are. If they’re not Islamists, why are they telling Christians unless they convert to Islam, they will be slaughtered, which they have been. Mr. Obama in one of his books said he would side with the Muslims. Is it any wonder, many millions of Americans are firmly convinced this man is a Muslim? He is putting Americans in danger. God help America.

Well, with all the need for more war material manufacturing to help the allies, you can bet credit for more jobs will be taken by Congress and the president blamed for the cost to the taxpayers. It’s the same old Washington game. Disgusting people in Congress. Disgusting, as per usual.

For all of the problems we read about today in the newspapers and television, we can thank President Reagan for firing all the air-traffic control people. No problems in the air today are there? No problems in the emergency room with mentally ill people, either. He let them all out and thought they’d be better off at home and not in hospital. The insurance companies all went along with it. They have to let patients go, too. We can thank President Reagan for all of the problems today.

Newspaper public opinion pages are just great for a frustrated public. But it sure is one tough job for editors to sort out the many commentators from the fewer and fewer true journalists in politics anywhere, anytime.

Did you notice the telephone companies are no help trying to get rid of the dummy who’s looking for Mr. Wolfe? Or the card callers who call three times a day with different names, reminding you your credit card is in trouble? I don’t even have a credit card. I’m so sick of these stupid people and the telephone companies are no help other than charge you more to take you out of the book. Do something, whoever you are. Get rid of these dummies.

Everyone needs to stop calling ISIL, ISIS. ISIS is the name of an Egyptian female that a lot of businesses use it legitimately.

Grandma taught us that the American economy is improving, but you didn’t get a raise yet. Do you really have to have everything that’s invented immediately? What ever happened to frugality and in-due-time luxury?

Does anyone doubt that if Ebola had originated in, say, Denmark, the pending crisis would be handled a lot differently than it is now? When it comes to forced quarantines, airport medical screenings, national flight bans, etc., we would be erring on the side of overkill, not underkill. So much for change. Sometimes it kills, just as political correctness sometimes kills.

Have you noticed yet what TV station informs you of worldwide important events? No? It’s the corporate commercials that pay for football, football whether you like it or not, which blocks out the truth. If you care about the future, switch to any PBS station and wake up. America is in deep, deep trouble at home.

Apparently more and more undereducated ignorant and hidden prejudice jurors who cannot agree on a verdict should not collect that daily pay. The vindictive losers, people like Jodi, should be made to pay for all the court overcosts. That would be more like justice.

Have you noticed the hearing aid business has become so competitive. The prices are starting to come down. Isn’t that interesting? By the same token, the dental prices keep going up.

The Republicans changed the abortion laws in Texas, but only for the poor. If you’re a rich Republican you can have anything you want.

The president is again out fundraising, which is the only thing that matters to him—more money and more votes. ISIS is getting stronger and more powerful. The air strikes are not working. Ebola is spreading. Our country is financially bankrupt, but does Obama care? No. This man was never qualified to be president of our United States. These past six years have proven it. This man is unqualified and doesn’t want the real work and responsibility of being president. He just wants to enjoy the perks of the office—his vacations, golfing, fundraising. We are so sick of this man, it’s not funny.

Everyone must be on an instant button. If you pick up the phone and the recorded voice is already working before you can say hello, hang up. More than two rings and no one can wait for a busy mother, a worker or an older person to get to the phone and answer it. Rush through life and miss the best of it. Poor dummy. Slow down and see the world that is around you. Take the time to let the damn phone ring awhile.

It is known that Freedom of Speech is practiced in almost every local newspaper that is printed in someone else’s ancestor’s language. Many children are fortunate enough to be educated in more than the American language. Quit forcing Spanish to be America’s second language.

Stop blaming one generation for the poor parenting of another, when all were raised on movie and TV violence as examples of the way of everyday life. It’s more just TV drama and shame on its sponsors.

Why are some people so ignorant that they think they can change nature? All I have to do is learn to live with it in Florida and spend all their millions of dollars of making Miami America’s new Venice. The oceans will rise and you either use them, or use yourself to them.

The Republicans will never stop fighting for the rich. The Democrats will never stop fighting for the poor and middle class.

Obama has attended only 42 percent of his security briefings. The administration has known about ISIS over a year and a half, and did nothing about it. Obama called ISIS the “JV team.” ISIS has now taken over a great part of Iraq and they’re taking over Syria. They have already threatened to fly their flag over the White House. ISIS is here, coming through our open border, which Obama refuses to protect. President Obama has put all Americans in danger because of his neglecting one of the main jobs as a president—to protect Americans. Shame on him.

Have you noticed yet, the best two tools in your kitchen drawer have become a pair of pliers and a pair of scissors, to open all those easy-open packages? Keep laughing.

Have you noticed some TV stations are raising the volume again for commercials beyond the program level? Did the FCC rule expire?

Several children in the United States have died from a mysterious respiratory virus, which is common to Central America. Any connection to the thousands of unaccompanied children who flooded in our country from Central America and were allowed to stay? Just wondering.

Don’t worry about people trying to vote illegally, just check the balance you got in the mail. And notice it’s illegal itself, with the omission of one judge’s name. Took me three hours to go through the whole thing to begin with. More waste of time and taxpayers’ money. It’s Arizona. What do you want? Honesty? Baloney.

The difference in Canada’s calmer reaction to unexpected violence, in comparison to the U.S. television jump-on-it reporter’s headlines, speaks volumes.