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The following has been transcribed from our Sound Off line during the past month. Sound Off is a monthly editorial feature of The Times. We encourage participation.

Submissions can be made via phone at 480-348-0343 (option 8) or make your submission on this Web site by emailing soundoff@timespublications.com.

Grandma says, “Beware!” Evil is never out of business and is always looking for new employees. Pay attention Phoenix, you don’t need any brothels, like we don’t need any more casinos.

The people who vote for Doug Ducey or Christine Jones for governor are obviously haters and they don’t have a mind of their own.

You can always tell a Republican; they want to send the refugees back home to be raped or killed. They say they are the moral majority. Ha!

Hi. I want to answer the question as far as all the illegal children coming in. This lady—or gentleman—who thinks we’re wrong, she/he should take all of these children into her home to feed and clothe them. Most of us cannot afford to do that. I’m sorry. There are some things you have to draw a line on. Let’s take care of us at home, first.—Suzy L.

Don’t complain Mr. and Mrs. Public, after all you voted for those lame brains in Congress and allowed them to collect a salary, benefits and this five-week vacation. If they don’t wise up at city hall then throw the bums out next election. You understand?

Well, all you smart Republicans who have run home to hide in the bushes: What would you do with this latest problem the camel has dropped in the middle of your tent? You’re so smart, but you’re not going to help him are you, either? You’re just going to be there to blame him again. Goodbye you helpless, useless people.

TheArizona Republic had an article by Mary Jo Pitzl about dark money, which is anonymous and unlimited campaign contributions that are influencing our elections in Arizona. Even though you can’t find out who (is donating) or where the money is coming from, one thing everyone knows for sure: all this cash isn’t coming from average Arizona voters and probably not even from within the state. Dark-money candidates must have an idea where their support is coming from. Do you think that when they’re elected they’ll work for the people of Arizona to solve Arizona problems or will they work faithfully to carry out the secret corporations’ and out-of-state think tanks’ agendas? Now that corporations are more human than people according to the Supreme Court, average Arizonans have lost their right to express their free speech because they will not have wads of cash to influence elections. The candidates supported by dark money are more than happy to watch the largest (and most abundant) signs I’ve ever seen for a primary- election campaign going up on every street corner. Dark-money candidates are thrilled to see huge signs posted against their opponents, signs with pictures of President Obama and hearts, or lists of liberal adjectives like “pro-union,” and “pro-Obamacare” falsely accusing their opponents of being liberal. Arizonans, do your homework. Go straight to the websites of the candidates or get the voter guide published by www.azcleanelections.gov to get information that you need to cast your ballot. And don’t forget to vote in the general election this fall and use what little power you have left.

If the latest animal hoarder news isn’t enough to jar your brains to common-sense euthanasia use, it ought to at least be enough to turn your stomach for the rest of your life and nightly nightmares. Wake up, you stupid people. Euthanasia is useful—and healthy.

Try to understand why the United States cannot baby-sit approximately 50 disunited tribal-ruled areas in all of Africa, when the power-hungry individuals with 21st century weapons overcome the 18th century-style populations. It’s a crazy world; that’s for sure. Never mind all the other areas of the world. They’re just as bad.

About the you-won-a-free-cruise (etc.) phone calls, here is how I play their game. Caller: “You have won a free cruise to (wherever).” Me: “Great! What a deal!” Caller: “All you need to qualify is a credit card for onboard purchases. What is your card number?” Me: “If I need a credit card before getting the prize, then it is not a free trip, is it? Besides, I am disabled and do not use credit cards.” I hang up. Caller: “You have won a free cruise to (somewhere).” Me: “Great! I am on disability and really need a good time and vacation!” Caller: Click; phone disconnects. These people are trying to earn a living, and these calls are advertising to fill up a cruise ship and to rack up onboard and onshore purchases once they get your credit card. Changes you may not have authorized will take months to get refunded. Signed, no winner here.

If you read a Sunday newspaper for either information or entertainment, it’s still a laugh a day. The best article seems to be how to keep bed bugs out of the library. See, there’s more than one kind of bookworm. Keep laughing. It’s a funny world.

Remember, “Well, there you go again”? Other nations are still expecting America to jump in and solve their unsolvable ancient problems. Hamas and ignorance will never accept anything close to the reality of failure while they still teach children that hatred and hunger are their only inheritance. God help the world; it’s going to be a long, hard war.

So we’re celebrating man on the moon of Aldrin and Armstrong, but my kids never heard of Collins, the third astronaut. What happened to him?

Thomas Jefferson stated, “Most bad government results from too much government.” How true that statement is today under Obama’s administration.

Hey Congress, pay attention. If you are not worried about a taxpayers’ revolution, listen to your history. We have a standard-size shoebox holding tax records, copies, from 1978 to 2008. Can you picture it? We also have an oversized bankers’ box overstuffed with tax records from 2009 to 2013, all because everything on computer records must be copied by paper for proof of information. Now, history says that the French Revolution was about too much government paperwork. Wake up, you do-nothings. It’s the people’s time for a revolution again. Check your history because it’s not the funny papers anymore.

For Harry Reid to say that our border is secure is further proof that this man is delusional. He’s in denial, and he needs to be removed from the Senate.

Obama and his family are going to Martha’s Vineyard for another fabulous, 16-day vacation on the taxpayers’ dime. The poor man is so tired from flying around the country, using our money to campaign for the Democrats. The poor president needs a rest from all his fundraising.

Well, there’s some more government nonsense that we learn about every day. Now, when you have to go to your primary doctor, he must refer you to the other specialist doctors you have been seeing for the last five or 10 years. What kind of a job is that? Drive everybody crazy or just make more paperwork for the government workers. Americans are going crazy, but it’s not hard to know why. It’s paperwork, paperwork, paperwork.

Is this some kind of a phone joke? You just called back and said my recording is still recording. It is a little crazy world. Grandma does have some crazy ideas. She likes to call and alert people. It’s really not that crazy, and I think the rest of the world needs to know that. Whoever this is calling me back, I’m willing to talk to you. You already have my phone number. Just keep recording. I’ll talk to anybody just to get some opinions printed. This world is a mess, and the people need to be informed. I’m really not that nutty. I just want to get the word out for people to pay attention to the things that are going on around them. If I’m still recording, good for you!

A little tardy, but I suspect the politicians won’t acknowledge this historic event that keeps them entrenched in office, and they sure won’t acknowledge the fraud feature. So if any politician can read this, honor your oath of office to support the Constitution and restore FICA- payers’ 10th Amendment rights by reserving Socialist Insecurity to the states, or to the people. While private-sector Ponzi schemes get all the press, Socialist Insecurity deserves equal coverage, and victims of this political scheme who`ve lost their retirement money to the government deserve to have their own money returned to their families.

There’s probably not enough senior citizens left, but remember in the 1950s, when all the beautiful hotels were built along Van Buren, and they were all wired to accommodate gambling machinery? But then the voters said, “No thanks. Go away.” Now you’ve got the same problem again. More people wanting to make use of more hotels, and now they want brothels. How stupid can citizens be to let this happen again? The old times are going, but the new-timers are going to pay the bill. We tried to help you; now you try to help your grandchildren. It’s that easy. Vote it out, vote it out, vote it out.

Hey, remember when only one generation ago we only had a dust devil or so within the seasonal rain storms? These haboobs came to I-10 area, sands were no longer green with cotton fields and water was stolen from the Gila River Valley’s productive lands. Thanks for your population explosion. It didn’t do the Valley any good. Shame on the stolen water.

Truth at last, and the truth hurts when three Central American presidents are right: America is now all about making money Hollywood-fantasy style, and it drives people to discontent and greed and drugs. No problem with the too-many, just-mellow and lost-to- reality people, including the legislative and judicial systems, blaming the executive session on causing everything to go funny. I do mean funny, funny, funny brains.

Of course, no one remembers and no one bothers to study the mistakes of history, so no one remembers what happened when nations legalized opium 175 years ago. It changed all the borders of Russia and China, England, France and the United States and gave us World War I and World War II, and now we are going to have (World War III) because we’re going to legalize marijuana. We really need that little change in civilization such as it is. Poor slobs, legalize and find out what happens to your grandchildren.

Never in all my years have I seen a president with such little class as Obama. He constantly criticizes and demeans the Republicans, yet refuses to meet with them. His thing is, “My way or the highway.” I’ve never seen such an arrogant and power-hungry president as we are cursed to have now.

Did you hear the latest news from Russia? Maybe Putin isn’t as crazy as we think. He’s trying to save Russia’s youth. He’s outlawing profanity, immorality, drugs and crazy hippy music from America. Wow, what a concept! Save the youth for the future. Wow, unbelievable, and he just may pull it off.

If a tested system fails twice, why would anybody try it a third time? Oh! That’s right. Anybody would not, but a politician would because that’s the standard, self-serving mental level of their decisions.

Disgusted. If some people took better care of neglected children, as well as the overbred dogs and cats, we’d have a better nation. Don’t you think?

My grandchildren asked what’s so important about Massachusetts, Iowa and South Carolina voters and why they’re supposed to represent the rest of the voters of the nation. Well, they don’t anymore. All they ever represented was the overcrowded Northeast, the farmers of the Midwest and the confederates of the South. It doesn’t work that way anymore, Grandma.

School starts, new lessons to be learned by children. Evil is never out of business, and it’s always looking for new employees. Pay attention to your civic studies, as well as your spelling and history.

When referring to illegal immigrants, the brothers’ keepers like to quote from the Bible to justify the lawlessness. They send a message to those people that it is OK to break the law, thus providing them a head start in crime and corruption. Hey, after 2,000 years, it is disgusting that anyone should have to flee any Christian country because of crime and corruption. If the brothers’ keepers are as effective as they would have us believe, they should remove the motes from their own eyes and go to the root of the problem.

Question: What good are the U.N. troops if they’re not allowed to go anywhere to stop the fighting in Palestine or the Ukraine or anywhere else? Is stupidity going to win again, as it has in other places?

Hey, you folks who have fallen for the recycling scam: Did you know that you are doing more harm to your planet than good? All serious studies have shown that more energy is expended than is saved in the overall process? So why exactly do you recycle? You’ve been brainwashed into increasing profits for recycling companies. As always, follow the money.

Oh, perfect example, the underwear parade. The best advertisement of commercial stupidity ever seen on television. Oh, it’s just disgusting.

Regarding the children in the store-robbery picture: Did you notice the girl wouldn’t stand for that? She took her purchases away. That’s why women are going to rule the world from now on. You have to have a chuckle over that one. They only interviewed the boy, and how he scooted away. But the girl knew what to do. “You’re not taking my things, you bad guy. That’ll teach you!”

Only one word can describe the Congress: Disgusting. Today this week, this year, disgusting. How dare you collect a salary from the taxpayers! How dare you.

Have you noticed around town it is so much nicer to see human bodies displaying clothing, rather than to see stretchy materials displaying unattractive, bulging bodies? It’s time to go back to better fashions. Don’t you think?

Well, in typical self-serving style Congress did nothing, and they’re to brag about it. They better not come around this neighborhood, though. I see people gathering stones—or is that a rail they’re cutting and heating up a pot of tar? My, my, my some things never change.

Memo to Texas Gov. Rick Perry: Thank you for showing leadership by sending 1,000 National Guard troops to the border to stop hundreds of thousands of illegals walking into our country and demanding benefits. Perhaps our “fundraiser-in-chief” can take a lesson in leadership and do the same thing. These people are coming in with only the clothes on their backs. Where are the jobs for them? Who’s going to pay for the education of the children? Cities and states are already heavily burdened, and many are bankrupt. Our country is being destroyed from within.

The Treasury Department just announced it expects to borrow $192 billion in the third quarter of 2014. It is $22 billion more than the treasury expected to borrow. A drop in revenue is the primary reason given for the increased borrowing. Our federal debt has increased by 66 percent under Obama’s presidency. Our federal government has grown substantially under the Democrats. It’s time to throw them all out before our country completely goes down the tubes.

To the fire department: Please educate yourself and call a beekeeper. Stop killing the bees. There’s no fruit on any trees in this neighborhood now because everybody’s so happy to go kill all the bees. Wait until they have nothing to eat in a year.

In case you’re too new here to know it, we never had these crazy haboobs and horrendous monsoons. We had a nice, seasonal monsoon rain that took care of all the needs of the desert. Now, we have all this other stuff because some smarty in Washington decided the Indians didn’t need to plant Pima cotton on all that land between Tucson and Phoenix. That’s what you’re getting now. The result of another congressional decision—dirt, dirt and more dirt. Blow, blow, blow. Thanks, Washington, for nothing, as per usual.

Nancy Pelosi’s unprecedented outburst on the congressional floor, where she attacked another congressperson, combined with her bizarre statements, is just further proof that this woman is mentally unbalanced and needs to go. It’s way overdue for term limits for these politicians who make it a career. Time for Nancy to go.

Unfortunately, for human nature, it’s rather obvious that someone in Mexico just hasn’t been paid enough yet to let the accidental Marine visitor come back home.

U.N. must stand for useless nations. Why aren’t they offering food and relief drops for the poor, stranded people in Iraq? What are they doing besides spending money visiting New York all the time? Shame on them. Help the people that need help, and quit passing the buck to U.S. taxpayers.