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The following has been transcribed from our Sound Off line during the past month. Sound Off is a monthly editorial feature of The Times. We encourage participation.

Submissions can be made via phone at 480-348-0343 (option 8) or make your submission on this Web site by emailing soundoff@timespublications.com.

PHONE: I just wanted to say that I think it’s time for John McCain to retire. He is a war monger and a flip-flopper. He needs to go. He’s too old. We don’t want to have more boots on the ground. Mr. McCain you’re on TV way too much pushing war way too much. We don’t want war. We don’t want you.

PHONE: All the illegal border runners want to come to this country because you think everything is free. You’re wrong. Nothing is free. You have to earn it and you have to stop insulting us and learn the American language. We don’t care that you’re stupid. Just learn the language.

PHONE: My daughter’s having a baby with her boyfriend, a 44-year-old whatever. I’d like to know how to introduce them. Should I introduce him as the boyfriend? The partner? The fiancé? Significant other? Sperm donor? Or just baby daddy? I’m really confused here.

PHONE: So the Texas Republicans changed the abortion laws, but only for the poor. If you’re a rich Republican, you can have anything you want.

PHONE: What if everyone in America on social media sends a message to the thousand-year-old enemies of each other’s tribe and says good luck, keep fighting and Yankee come home. How about that for all you egos. We’ve got Ebola to fight. Yankee come home!

PHONE: The Republicans will never stop fighting for the rich. The Democrats will never stop fighting for the poor and middle class.

PHONE: The U.S. Army and its allies were fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. Where was the Mexican army? Where were they? Nobody’s heard about them. How come they weren’t helping us, like we help them with our borders open? We’re still looking for that Mexican army. Hope we find them soon.

PHONE: Candidates promising less taxes and citizens demanding more services. Where does anyone think the needed dollars will come from? Marijuana sales?

PHONE: Arizona politics as usual. Don’t worry about people voting illegally, just check the ballot and notice it’s illegal itself, with the omission of one judge’s name. More waste of taxpayers’ time and money. Just check it out. I’m mailing mine back and asking for a new ballot. How about that? Nothing new around here.

PHONE: Have you noticed yet that Barack Obama is not running for president again. Only smarter Democrats and bigoted Republicans are. Now vote.

PHONE: Every TV station except PBS appears to have nothing but frantic, loud, fast-talking desperate politicians and so-called experts telling their stories of confounding misinformation and expect a misguided citizen to vote and think as they do. It’s purely disgusting to see how they are destroying democracy for the sake of more dollar profit for Wall Street corporations. Wake up. They’re killing democracy and they’re killing your future.

PHONE: To the incompetent person who sounded off and said have you ever noticed that racist religious extremists and white supremacist bigots all align themselves with the Republican Party. He or she got that wrong. It’s the Democratic Party that should be there—not Republican. They are the ignorant ones. They’re the ones who don’t know any better for this country. They say the Republican Party left all of this debt. They should look at Obama and what he has done, which is zero, and what is he doing, which is enough to make you want to throw up. This person would not have the intelligence to leave their name. My name is Frank in Scottsdale. If he or she wants to reply, they can certainly do so. Let’s meet on the golf course. We might see Obama there.

PHONE: Just because he was on his way to church doesn’t mean the guy’s a good driver. The police are certainly sick and tired of the stupid drivers on the road. No wonder they break every now and then. It’s your own dumb fault public citizen. Obey the law and learn to drive. Quit annoying other people.

PHONE: Ah, a mystery TV story is still missing much information. Where is the donated money? Who or what bank is holding it? How much is it and who is withdrawing it that no trust can be set up as ordered? What doesn’t the judge know yet? Where are the usual nosey reporters hunting for all the answers for this little mystery? Get to work on that much.

God help America after January when the most ignorant, narrow-minded bigoted man named (Mitch) McConnell will take charge of this nation. God help us all.

This is James R. Palmer and I’m sounding off about this: After President Obama was elected, he went to Turkey on some kind of a mission. And when he got there, I saw this on the television, he said hello and shook their hand. He said, “America’s not a Christian nation any longer.” Since then I have not seen it on the TV. I can’t find anyone who’s seen it. I’m wondering if anybody’s seen it at all.

PHONE: I have a Sound Off. I have a neighbor who has not gotten a license plate in almost five years. She drives around with the little paper in her window and has never paid the amount to get her license like all of us. They say there’s nothing they can do until she does something wrong on the street and they pull her over. You’d think there would be something in computers that they can keep on track with people who haven’t paid.

PHONE: President Obama and the Democrats are trying to make themselves out to be like they’re really after helping these poor Mexicans and their children get a better life in America. The reason he wants to put all these people in citizenship is because 75 percent of them vote Democrat. That’s the only reason he’s doing it. He wants the vote.

PHONE: President Obama and the Democrats are at it again. Deceptiveness. They’re trying to make the American public feel the most important and interesting thing on the agenda with immigration is they want to help these poor people who came into this country illegally, their children came in illegally and he’s so concerned about their welfare? He’s concerned about the fact that he’s going to let 5 million people in this country to allow them to vote. Seventy five percent of these people vote Democrat.

PHONE: Good morning Buffalo. Poor, poor snowed in people. The football field is going to be cleared. Is the parking lot going to be cleared? Are the stadium seats nice, warm and dry? Are the roads to the place open? Is your house under snow, or your car still buried? Who’s the craziest in that town? The governing people or the crazy NFL money grubbers? You think people in Washington are nuts, just go to Buffalo.

PHONE: The latest TV news: Doctors are going back to making house calls again. Isn’t that amazing that the old ways are the better ways?

PHONE: Believe it or not, if you have an old car or an old system running your house, and it’s run out of parts that cannot be replaced, it’s because someone has bought up all the extra plumbing, electrical pieces, and auto repair parts. Now the new systems are in a bidding war on whoever wants to replace and repair whatever it is they need to fix. That’s the height of greed, to have a bidding war on leftover parts for running America. Sounds more like Congress than ever. It’s the new way of business.

EMAIL: Apparently some people were not taught the proper way to use the drive-thru mailboxes at the post office. When there are two or more mailboxes spread out, you are supposed to drive to the farthest mailbox to put your mail in the mailbox, so that way any cars behind you can put their mail in the mailboxes behind you to keep traffic moving. Don’t tie up traffic stopping at the first mailbox. And please have your mail ready to go instead of fumbling around trying to find your envelopes! Thank you!

EMAIL: In my line of work, I have to ID every single person to serve alcohol. Period. It doesn’t matter if you look 19 or 99. We even have a sign posted that everyone must show ID before being served, but time after time after time I have to hear people whine about how they’re 65 or they are a war veteran and blah, blah, blah. I don’t make the rules, I just enforce them. It is a part of my job. If I don’t card you, and I am caught, I will get fired. Do you get it now? So please for the love of God get over it! If you want alcohol and the rules say you have to show ID, show your ID and keep your big mouth shut or don’t have any alcohol because I really don’t want to hear your stupid comments anymore! It is truly that simple. Thank you.

EMAIL: Michelle Obama lost her law license back in 1993. Barack Obama surrendered his law license for both corruption and lying on the application for the bar examination. They both surrendered their licenses, although Michelle was censored by ARDC. These are the people who are in our White House and have great power over all Americans. God save our country please!

PHONE: There is something very wrong with our judicial system. The Jodi Arias trial has already cost the taxpayers over $2 million. She admitted she’s guilty of the very violent murder. Our system has to be revamped so that another judicial circus can be avoided.

EMAIL: I would like to encourage everyone to check their driver’s licenses to see when the expiration date is, because I have to check licenses at my job and I was shocked at how many people have licenses that are about to expire within a couple of months and they had no clue! It would not be good for you if you were to get pulled over by a police officer with an expired license. So please check it!

EMAIL: Don’t forget when you come back from vacation, one of the first things you should do is change your voicemail back and take your “Out of Office” email notice off! It is so unprofessional when I email someone and they have the “Out of Office” message on and they have been back for days.

PHONE: So, all the ISIS leader wants is a fight to show America how well they taught him. Interesting.

PHONE: How much longer do you think it will take for the freedom of the press dummies to earn the tell-all news is equal to aiding the enemy and helping treason? Of course the allies will lose to ISIS—as long as they check their iPhones and their newspapers.

PHONE: Bill Cosby is addressing possible problems of past years by just ignoring the people who have nothing else to do but make themselves TV specimens of the day. If anything did accidentally happen, get over it! It’s called life!

PHONE: Oh Monti’s restaurant did enough damage destroying the Hayden House in historical Tempe that everyone in this state knew and loved. They’re tearing it down and building yet another hotel as you enter Tempe. Whoopee. The dummies in charge at city hall need to be tarred and feathered and run out of town.

EMAIL: Obamacare is a joke! I was forced to buy insurance or risk a penalty at tax time. I had to get a second job to be able to afford his “affordable” insurance. I can’t even afford to use this insurance if I get sick with all the deductibles, copays, etc. And none of the insurance companies, employees, doctors or office staff understand how this all works. For example, I have been putting off having outpatient surgery done, but figured I might as well since now I have insurance. I called Meritus to find out how much all my copays would be under my plan so I could budget for it. Well, because they didn’t understand their own plan, they gave me the wrong amounts. And since my wonderful doctor and her staff don’t understand the plan either, instead of sending me to “outside” imaging centers, she sent me to Maricopa Medical Center who charges more money for tests! And all of the doctors are so far behind it has taken me seven months in my process to try and get this surgery done. And I haven’t even been given a surgery date yet! And now we have open enrollment coming up, so I will be forced to re-sign, because if I switch insurance I will have to start all over again! Obamacare can kiss my (butt).

EMAIL: We are new to Scottsdale and love living here. We appreciate how Scottsdale has regulations limiting neon signs and keeping the desert beautiful. So why do those who govern Scottsdale allow all these election signs plastered over every main street and intersection? People here are well educated and aware of who these candidates are. So why denigrate Scottsdale’s beauty with these signs?

EMAIL: I am so tired of all of these car repair shops offering these so called “great deals” on oil changes, only to find out that it’s only up to five quarts of oil and then they charge you almost $5 for the extra quart because almost all cars nowadays use six! But for them, it’s better to deceive the consumer, advertise a low price and then stick you for the extra quart and shop fees instead of advertising the real price. If your oil change is $25.99, you should have to advertise $25.99 not $9.99 and then in fine print put “up to five quarts plus shop fees and taxes” to lure people in the door. That should be considered false advertising.