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What's Cookin'

Kit Cooking


We’ve seen so many of them on store shelves for years. Packages and kits that make a meal or dessert, and all you do is add water or just a few ingredients. I’ve passed them up thousands of times, but this shopping trip was different. From chili kits to Kung Pao chicken sauces to signature [...] Keep Reading »

What's Cookin'

Mardi Gras Gumbo


March is Mardi Gras month. Mardi Gras, or “Fat Tuesday,” is the last night of eating rich foods before fasting for lent. So let the indulging begin with this amazing and hearty recipe for seafood and sausage gumbo! My thanks to Scottsdale resident Kathy Rice for sharing this festival of flavors in a bowl! Note: [...] Keep Reading »

What's Cookin'

A Chocolate Lover’s Dream


This month is a chocolate lover’s dream, and if you’d like to surprise your sweetie with a little morsel of homemade goodness, these are four of my very favorite recipes. The cookie pops couldn’t be easier! Just let the cookie itself do the work for you. No baking required. (I can promise that these will [...] Keep Reading »

What's Cookin'

Gwen’s Pineapple Gazpacho

Pineapple Gazpacho

Put away the cookie cutters, icing and candy sprinkles—at least until Valentine’s Day. We’re starting off the New Year with a fresh, kicky and absolutely delicioso gazpacho courtesy of one of my favorite food bloggers. Our bodies are craving light and nourishing—and yet fantastically flavored—food right now, and thanks to food writer Gwen Walters, we’re [...] Keep Reading »

What's Cookin'

Festive Sicilian Fig Bars ‘Cucidati’


You get two Italians together and it’s not long before the conversation settles food and family—especially during the holidays! Thus began my friendship with Vinny Dejohn, formerly the wine and specialty food buyer at Whole Foods Market in Scottsdale. Getting his suggestions for a good vintage was great, but getting his vintage family recipe for [...] Keep Reading »

What's Cookin'

Osso Buco

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November kicks off the holiday season in earnest. It’s all about planning for Thanksgiving, family gatherings and get-togethers with friends. This is the time we start going through our favorite recipes to decide which ones are feast-worthy and fabulous. When I think of feast-worthy and fabulous, I go right to my momma’s recipe for Osso [...] Keep Reading »

What's Cookin'

Nanaimo Bars


I wish I had known about this treat years ago when I was living in British Columbia, where it originated. (I was going to school at the Conservatory of Music in Victoria, and on the weekends my fellow classmates and I would drive up Vancouver Island to Nanaimo, a quaint and picturesque town on the [...] Keep Reading »

What's Cookin'

Cherry Tartlets and Cherry Pioneer Pie


Antique shopping this week I stumbled upon a vintage Popeil’s Pie Maker and Sandwich Grill. Two small metal rounds close like a clamshell and are attached to a metal rod with wooden handles. Place two pieces of pie or bread dough with filling into the rounds and you have a vintage version of today’s Hot [...] Keep Reading »

What's Cookin'

Lancer’s Spinach Salad

Lancer's Spinach Salad

Because June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month, let’s grab a green and make magic out of it! Fresh spinach is so plentiful right now and, because spinach salad continues to be an all-time favorite, I want to share a recipe that was a signature dish many years ago at our family restaurant, “D’Atri’s” [...] Keep Reading »