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Odd Jobs

Lady Fontayne, the Mermaid


A buff and chiseled man carries a storybook mermaid in his arms. He slowly and lovingly sets the swimming siren afloat in the hotel pool while stunned guests stare, transfixed. Let the fun begin: Lady Fontayne the Mermaid has arrived. Mermaids may be the stuff of fairytales, but Scandalesque and Vega Arts offer Lady Fontayne, [...] Keep Reading »

Odd Jobs

Winning the Head Game


There aren’t too many people who go from a relatively unknown to Madison Square Garden in a nanosecond. Bryan Price, 28, was able to pull it off. Price is the man behind the giant cardboard cutouts of popular athletes and musicians. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus, One Direction and Wiz Khalifa have all been spotted sporting [...] Keep Reading »

Odd Jobs

Playing with Your Food

Photo by Nick Bartlett

A love of entertaining crowds, focused culinary skills and an exceptional ability to multitask is the recipe for success for Geoffrey Wu, a sushi and teppanyaki chef at Sapporo in Scottsdale. He started with Sapporo when it opened in 2001 and left briefly in 2003 to train other teppanyaki chefs at Benihana. He soon returned [...] Keep Reading »

Odd Jobs

Linking to Lincoln


With his tall, thin stature, tidy beard, top hat and three-piece suit, Sean Murphy commands attention wherever he goes. Whether it’s in a classroom, a restaurant or an airplane, kids flock to him and adults want their pictures taken with him. For the last five years, Murphy, a teacher at Payne Junior High in Chandler, [...] Keep Reading »

Odd Jobs

O Tumbleweed, O Tumbleweed


Setting up and decorating a tree can be the Grinch that steals Christmas. With artificial trees alone, it’s frustrating to figure out which branches go in which slot, and then there’s the challenge of wrangling family to help string the lights and make sure all of the bulbs illuminate. Just ask Russ Lassuy, park maintenance [...] Keep Reading »

Odd Jobs

Sarabelle the Tooth Fairy


As a professional tooth fairy, Sarabelle has met her share of skeptics. For example, she’ll never forget the mini-critic at her debut at Children’s Museum of Phoenix. “This girl was sitting in the front row, and she looked up at me and said, ‘Can you fly?’” Sarabelle assured the girl that if she flew in [...] Keep Reading »

Odd Jobs

Tickling the Ivories


As he plays the world’s largest pipe organ at Organ Stop Pizza, Charlie Balogh relies on the audience’s suggestions to get him through his multiple 50-minute sets. On stage at the East Mesa eatery, Balogh collects requests for the usual songs—the themes from “Star Wars,” “Indiana Jones” or “Star Trek,” or any Broadway number. But [...] Keep Reading »

Odd Jobs

Phoned-in Art


Jaime Glasser is helping to break new artistic ground by sharing her expertise in iPhoneography. iPhoneography is the art and process of taking photos with an iPhone. The images are then edited and manipulated solely on the smartphone via various apps. Glasser has been instructing students for more than a year at Mesa Arts Center. [...] Keep Reading »

Odd Jobs

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane


Like Clark Kent, every superhero has an alter ego. Batman has an arsenal of high-tech tools; Superman can fly and Robin knows how to kick a bad guy butt or two. Not every superhero has supernatural powers, however. When the window washers of LandCorp put on their superhero costumes, they’re not confronting villains with violence—they’re [...] Keep Reading »

Odd Jobs

Making Waves


As a 28-year employee at Tempe’s Big Surf Waterpark, Bob Pena knows the ins and outs of the first wave pool in North America. The park’s general manager of four years thoroughly explains the inner workings of the world’s third-largest wave pool, Waikiki Beach, as high above, the bright blue hydraulic pumps do their thing. [...] Keep Reading »