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Dine the Valley

Reathrey Sekong is Arizona’s Best (and Only) Cambodian Cuisine


Reathrey Sekong was my first experience with Cambodian food, and it’s no mystery why. The hole-in-the-wall Phoenix joint is the sole Cambodian restaurant in all of Arizona. Formerly dubbed “Sekong by Night,” this blink-and-you’ll-miss-it, eight-table spot boasts some seriously flavorful food with atypical combinations for remarkably cheap prices. You’ll pay about $25 for two meals [...] Keep Reading »

Dine the Valley

Salut Kitchen Bar is more bar than kitchen

Ciprian Salsa bruschetta

The rise of the wine bar has been quick and hot. The mix of light tapas, inexpensive wine and gourmet menus have become a favorite of Phoenix happy hour hoppers, and Valley joints like local chain Postino Winecafé, Tempe’s classy-casual Caffe Boa and Old Town’s swanky Kazimierz World Wine Bar have perfected the concept. It [...] Keep Reading »

Dine the Valley

Beckett’s Table of Bacon

Cast Iron Petite Chicken

All right, already. After two years of avoiding ballyhooed Beckett’s Table, I finally dropped into the Arcadia hotspot dedicated to seasonal American comfort food. Even before the place opened, owner/chef Justin Beckett attracted such a frenzy of media attention, it sparked my suspicion. Why was this guy such a foodie darling? At splashy, now-defunct Canal [...] Keep Reading »