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Paranoid Parents


Lenore Skenazy had her big “parenting fail” moment back in 2008, after the New York City newspaper columnist wrote an article titled “Why I Let My 9-Year-Old Ride the Subway Alone.” The column, detailing the Sunday afternoon she abandoned her youngest son at Bloomingdale’s with only a subway map, $20 in cash and the esteem-boosting [...] Keep Reading »

Featured Story

Let There Be Light


  Valley real estate investor/philanthropist Michael Pollack is ready for 2014 to be over. “We’ve seen some dark days behind us, more than we care to have seen—especially in Arizona,” he says. Now, however, he is seeing the holidays and 2015 in a positive light—so to speak. With the New Year knocking on the door, [...] Keep Reading »

Featured Story

Reality Swipes


In a commercial for the Danish TV talk show Søndag Live that went viral on YouTube this past spring, host Ane Cortzen demonstrates what life might be like if we could dismiss people with a simple left-swipe as we do on the popular dating app Tinder. One after another, Cortzen encounters people on her walk [...] Keep Reading »

Featured Story

Who’s So Fancy?


They could have just as easily been dishing dirt over dark chocolate soufflé at Petite Maison, unburdening together with magical Thoachta massages at Aji Spa or snapping champagne-sozzled selfies beneath the aerialists at CAKE. But for her first serious girls day out, Stacy Holmstedt chose to invite her girlfriends over to an afternoon TED Talk [...] Keep Reading »

Featured Story

Corn Maze CRAZE


Fall, family and fun: It’s a winning combination for any family looking to spend quality time together. And for several families, business heats up as temperatures drop and people flock to local farms and ranches to get a taste of fresh produce, to celebrate the fall season or just to get away from it all [...] Keep Reading »

Featured Story

Getting in on the Act


As the lead singer-guitarist of the Tom Petty tribute act Breakdown, Scott Blackwell admits to leaving a few fans heartbroken. After performing as part of the players’ parade at Glendale’s Westgate Entertainment District during the Super Bowl XLII festivities in 2008, Blackwell was approached by an overzealous Petty fan. “‘Man, you’re great,’” the man gushed. [...] Keep Reading »

Featured Story

The Fast and the Facebooked


It’s a slow night at the Big Kmart parking lot on 67th Avenue and Bell Road in Glendale. Normally at this hour on a Saturday night, on the sprawling square of asphalt shared between the Kmart, Chuck E. Cheese and the Mixteca restaurant, the action is hopping. Local car clubs show up to show off [...] Keep Reading »

Featured Story

Generation Text


Derek Neighbors works around young techies every day. As the co-founder of Gangplank, a collaborative workspace in Chandler and incubator for several small software startups, Neighbors is used to looking out over a sea of software engineers, mobile developers and a whole lot of geeky laptop stickers. But sometimes even Neighbors gets schooled in the [...] Keep Reading »

Featured Story

Kids on YouTube


The website YouTube has been around for almost 10 years, and while it might be a go-to for music and videos of kittens, a whole wide world is teeming beneath the surface, with a unique culture and online celebrities who are so popular, we might as well just call them celebrities. And many of these [...] Keep Reading »

Featured Story

Spy Parents


Caroline Knorr has seen how suburban cyberspies are made. “I have a friend who was worried about her daughter,” she says. “She was concerned that her daughter was visiting these pro-anorexia, pro-bulimia websites—they call them ‘pro-ana’ and ‘pro-mia’ sites. And it got to the point where she felt she needed to know what was going [...] Keep Reading »